Media Briefing on April 3, 2018

The Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners held a media briefing session responding to Airbnb's request for legalization.

The Executive Director of the Federation reiterated the position of the industry and strongly opposed the legalization of Airbnb. He also stressed that allowing illegal accommodation in Hong Kong would be a threat to the safety of tourists in Hong Kong, and at the same time would also damage Hong Kong's reputation.

The Executive Director indicated that the sharing economy proposed by Airbnb was ※sugar-coated poison§. Airbnb was illegal and both of the tenants and tourists were not protected, and the Airbnb did not contribute to the economy as they claimed. The Executive Director pointed out that hotel owners have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build hotels, the hotel industry provide job opportunities and comply with the law. If illegal accommodation is allowed to continue to grow in Hong Kong, it will be unfair to the industry and will ruin Hong Kong's image.

The Federation also urged the Legislative Council to amend the "Hotels Ordinance" as soon as possible to strengthen criminal liability and deterrence and to prevent illegal accommodation.